Cambridge English – Exam can be fun!

劍橋英語 無壓力的考試 Cambridge English - Exam can be fun!

Cambridge English YLE (Starters, Movers, Flyers) Assessments is a series of fun and interesting English language assessments, encouraging children to enjoy learning English. The assessments have different themes and scenarios with pictures and words. They test students spelling ability, image recognition and their application of the language. The format includes exercises like fill in the blanks, colouring, multiple choice and matching which allow children to perform with confidence in a no pressure environment.

Student results are shown using shields. The highest score for each session is five shields which means that children correctly answered most questions, while three shields indicates that children answered many questions correct.

Clarity academy offers Summer YLE Cambridge Assessment preparation course, which help children, to familiarise themselves with the test format to win the most shields. Our 2 to 6 week courses include a one-time Cambridge English Assessment exam fee and a Cambridge English Assessment Examination Papers book.

We look forward to you joining us.

劍橋英語 無壓力的考試 Cambridge English - Exam can be fun!