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Phonics for children

Are your children learning Phonics? Phonics can help students become super spellers and readers. Start young to build a solid foundation! Phonics is a very useful tool to help children learn English well. Each English alphabet or a set of combined alphabets has a sound, called “phoneme”. These phonemes are the basic building blocks for correct pronunciation and spelling of words. The goal of our English Phonics course is to help children build a strong language foundation with Phonics skills when they are young and stimulate their interest to learn English through fun and interesting English teaching materials. We apply the Phonics approach and materials which are also used to teach native English speaking children. Our English Phonics course covers … Continued

Cambridge English—Nursery Course

Clarity Academy is the pioneer adopter of 100% official Cambridge interactive teaching materials in Hong Kong. We design English Courses including Nursery (Cambridge Playgroup)、Phonics、Cambridge English YLE ( Pre-Starters, Movers, Flyers) 、KET、PET、FCE、CAE、Adult English and more for students of all ages (from 2 years old to adults). For toddlers aged 2 to 4, we offer Nursery course besides Phonics. Our Nursery course is a tailor made course where children can learn vocabulary through games, songs, stories and exercises to make it fun. Simple letter scrabbling is encouraged at this stage as well.

HKDSE vs IELTS (International English Language Testing System, Cambridge English)

Do you know that attaining 5** in HKDSE English language is equivalent to around 7.51 to 7.77 points in IELTS – Cambridge English Assessment? This equivalent score range between HKDSE and IELTS was published by the HKEAA (Hong Kong Examinations and Assessments Authority). They did a benchmarking study to compare and show the standards of HKDSE English Language Examination to International English standards. In comparing Hong Kong English levels with international standards, HKEAA chose Cambridge English (IELTS) as it is recognized worldwide and broadly used as a reference for international standard. Cambridge English has a professional and experienced team which designs materials for English learners of all ages and levels, with a clear progressing ladder for students to clearly see … Continued

English Courses for 2 years olds to Adults

Clarity Academy is the pioneer adopter of 100% official Cambridge interactive teaching materials in Hong Kong. We focus on Cambridge English and we design courses for students of all ages (from 2 years old to adults). Our English Courses for Pre-school and Kindergarten students (aged around 2 – 4 years old) include Cambridge Nursery Course and Phonics Course. Cambridge Nursery Course teaches students vocabulary as well as how to apply them in sentences. Our English Phonics Course helps students build a strong language foundation with Phonics skills at their young age. Our English courses stimulate students’ interest to learn English through fun and engaging English classes. We have Cambridge English course YLE (Pre-starters, Movers, Flyers) for students aged 4 to … Continued

Cambridge English Assessment Preparation Class

Cambridge English designed a series of English assessments, including Young Learners Exams (YLE- Starters, Movers, Flyers) 、KET、PET、FCE、CAE、Adult English and more. Cambridge English certificates are recognized worldwide and can be a useful tool to help children get a head start on entrance to local and overseas schools and help university graduates get a satisfying job. Clarity Academy cooperates with Cambridge English Language Assessment and our students can apply for Cambridge English Assessment through us. To help students prepare for the assessment effectively, we have Cambridge English Assessment Preparation Class in our summer program this year. Our teachers have ample experience in preparing students for the Cambridge English Assessment. Besides, teachers will pin point students’ weaknesses through simulate tests and prepare appropriate … Continued

English Assessment Test

Cambridge English is a worldwide-recognized authority with years of experience in English language learning. Their professional teams design the most suitable teaching materials for English learners of all ages and levels. Clarity Academy applies 100% official Cambridge English materials with interactive and fun teaching methodology. English learners of any age and level could find courses suitable for them at Clarity Academy. Our Cambridge English courses are from Young Learners Exams (YLE – Starters, Movers, Flyers) to KET, PET to general and academic Cambridge English FCE, CAE and then to Adult Cambridge English. Clarity Academy recommends each new student to take our English assessment test before determining which level of class he/she should be in. Clarity Academy emphasizes that students should … Continued

From our English Teacher

I have been an employee of Clarity Academy since 2012 and the experience has been nothing short of spectacular. Clarity Academy’s ability to combine an innovative teaching strategy with exceptional, focus on professionalism creates an incredibly motivating environment for every employee, and most importantly, student. Our students arrive to class absolutely enthused for their lessons. This creates a beautiful situation where our student couldn’t be more thrilled to learn English and be engaged throughout the entire class – something most would consider unimaginable. From this, the progress of our students is outstanding and I couldn’t be more proud of how fast and joyfully they have acquired English as their second language. As an experienced teacher, I couldn’t possibly recommend anything … Continued

Ordinary can be extraordinary Hong Kong Top 10 Outstanding Parents Election

Many parents may be concerned that they don’t have qualifications to take part in the election. In fact, the event does not require parents to get remarkable achievements on education or have a very extraordinary story, because we all know that each and every parent sacrificed something for their children in life. As the old Chinese saying goes, every family has its own problems. Each parent face different situation and problems as each child’s character is different. Clarity Academy encourages parents to join the election as long as you are willing to share your stories and educational ideas. You will also learn something new by communicating with other parents in the event. The 4th Top 10 Outstanding Parents Election has … Continued

From our English teacher

I want to thank you and your excellent staff for making me feel welcome at Clarity Academy. From the first day of work in Clarity Academy I’ve been enjoying the warm atmosphere of the center. The staff is really competent, caring and always helpful. I’ve been absolutely delighted with the content of Clarity Academy’s resource which was designed specifically for the children – it’s really bright and colorful, it contains all different kinds of games, songs, stories which help to get a good response from children; they absolutely love all the activities and learn a lot in a fun and easy way.

Cambridge English Assessments at Clarity Academy in August

Cambridge English certificates are recognized worldwide and can fully prove the language ability of English learners. From Young Learners Exams (YLE) to KET and PET which are suitable to upper primary and secondary aged learners, and then to general and academic English FCE, CAE. Clarity Academy usually schedule our private Cambridge English Assessments sessions for students at our centres in August each year. Students who plan to take these exams should start preparing now. You can register for these assessments if you want to improve your child’s English ability, to get a head start on entrance to local and overseas schools. They’re also good for student independence and mental agility or to showcase learning achievements and encourage further English study. … Continued