Help children develop their best selves

From the old Chinese saying, learning is through reflection, imitation and experience. Through these vital processes a child can learn and develop his/her best self. This is a combination of Purpose, Personal Growth, Passion and Performance. Have you or your child discovered these elements? To have a fully-developed self, all the 4 components are important. Purpose helps a person determine his/her character, knowing what he/she wants to live for and the importance and priority of life. Personal Growth is through reflection, imitation and experience to build a mindset of oneself. Passion provides motivation for all actions. Last but not least, Performance is continuous skills training. In Hong Kong, such a busy city and with children all packed with different activities … Continued

The advantages of Cambridge English Assessment

Cambridge English Assessment combines the experience and expertise of Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Language Assessment. Over a hundred years, Cambridge English Assessment has always been in worldwide leading position in the field of language assessment. Study focus is the most important part of Cambridge English Assessment. Students can find out their strengths and weaknesses in English learning and build the confidence to use English in daily lives. Besides, children can make progress step by step through taking Cambridge English Assessment level by level. Cambridge English cooperates closely with many schools, universities, employers and governments and therefore its certificates are broadly recognized. For instance, Cambridge English YLE is recognized by kindergartens and second and primary schools in Hong Kong … Continued

Happy Lunar New Year 2016

Chinese New Year is round the corner. Clarity Academy wishes all students and parents Happy Chinese New Year and a fruitful year of the Monkey! We have prepared the following 10 words and phrases related to Chinese New Year. Let’s learn together! 團年飯 Reunion dinner 揮春 Fai Chun 利是 Red packet/ Red envelope 花市 Flower Markets 煙花匯演 Fireworks Display 花車巡遊 Floats Parade 年糕 Rice cake 車公誕 Che Kung’s festival 祈福許願 Seeking good fortune 舞獅 dancing lions

Time to give thanks

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated primarily in Canada and the United States as a day of giving thanks and a celebration…

From our Parents

Leo is in the HK traditional public school system and he is relatively shy. He has attended many different English tutoring classes. Many of these classes were more like a torture to him…

Raising Children You Can Depend On

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The Benefits of Pets

(繁體中文) 在家中餵養寵物的另一個好處就是幫助整個家庭更親密。通過調查,幾乎所有餵養寵物的家庭,都會把寵物真正當做家庭中的一員…

Share the cooking fun!

Cook healthy for your children…

How can parents balance Family and Work?

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