How can I communicate with Native English Speakers?

How can I communicate with Native English Speakers? 想跟外國人做朋友嗎 ?

Language is a powerful tool for communication. English is widely used in many countries and therefore you can interact with different people around the world.

There is no short cut for learning languages. Here are some effective ways in your real life for language learning.


Learning English can be fun. Watching movies, news and TV or listening to songs. There are great ways to improve listening. There are some vocabs you may have not heard before, when you listening or watching story with a theme, you can sometimes guess the exact meanings. Listen more and you will learn more vocab!


Chit-chatting with your friends in English. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes when communicating with foreigners. It helps you to build up your confidence in speaking.


Reading novels and magazines you like or reading newspapers are the most effective ways to enhance your reading skill. Getting used to read English, you can read many interesting books that you haven’t heard of before.


Start by writing your diary in English. It gets you into the habit of turning your thoughts into words.

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